02 May 2016

Stephen Bolt’s review of The Haircut + introducing his novel Seeds

Stephen Bolt is the author of dystopian fusion novels in which he pours his unique perspective on life and mixes it with elements from speculative fiction, fantasy, and suspense. The result is a genre-defying style you’ll never encounter anywhere until you take a chance and pick up his book Seeds.

Being an avid reader, he came across The Haircut, and took a chance.

I’m extremely glad that he did because his opinion elevates my book to heights I had never dreamt of.

A ‘random’ selection of quotes from his review:

A cut above the rest

I found the writing of this piece to be top notch

Lucy’s voice as the narrator was wonderfully effective

I would highly recommend this sensuous, sexy story

Now I know it may look like I’m cherry picking, only quoting the positive things. You’ll just have to go and read his complete, 5-star review.

Be sure to check out his book Seeds, available at Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.

seeds coverblurb:

Their world is ruled by ruthless Petroleum Barons. Strict social order is kept in the streets by brutal Enforcers. Unbridled Scientists have been commissioned to take genetic modification to Frankensteinian levels. And the frequent attacks of pillaging Outlaws keep citizens beholden to an exploitive system. Three characters have come to a unique situation. Shade is a heterogen – a humanoid hybrid with canine features, and instincts – born into a life of servitude. Savina is a concubine and bodyguard, a role she was unwillingly forced into at a vulnerable age. Anax is their Master, but only because he, thanks to Shade and Savina, survived an attack meant to kill them all. Suddenly finding themselves swept up in a revolution they never knew existed, each must make an important choice that will map the course of their future. But they soon learn that joining the cause is not simply a matter of taking up arms and marching to the front. To prove their worth they must visit the enigmatic Engineer and undergo a mysterious test. Join Shade, Savina, and Anax as they navigate the perils of their unfortunate circumstances. Experience a wondrous journey of self discovery, eerie dreams, unleashed magic, and cross-species breeding. Then brace for the ultimate challenge when these three must confront their most terrifying demons with only two possible outcomes: death, or victory.

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