30 April 2016

My review of Come Home With Us

Come Home with Us – A Cuckold Odyssey book 1 – Rob Matthews come home with us cover


“I was discovering another way in which fantasy and reality are different. Fantasies disappear when you’ve finished with them. They don’t hang around and fall asleep in your bed.” Rob and Tina, married fifteen years, love each other very much and are the best of friends. They enjoy sharing fantasies in bed together, and their favorite involves Tina with another man. One day Tina proposes that they take the logical next step and act on their fantasies. She invites her lover of choice, her co-worker Steve, to their home. Much to Rob’s dismay, Steve soon forms his own ideas of how this scenario will play out. A cuckold Rob may be, but he’s no pushover, and he has a few surprises in store for Tina’s dream lover turned nightmare. A Cuckold Odyssey, Book 1.

Cuckoldry—the fetish of being aroused by seeing your wife have sex with another man—is a special kind of fantasy, but a fairly common one among married men. In combination with other fetishes (BDSM, humiliation, sex in public places, pegging…) it is a vat of inspiration for many people involved in the erotica business, be it fiction, porn or photography, professional or amateur.

The psychology involved, I’m sure, is fairly complicated, from over-compensation of jealousy and insecurity in males to confirmation of your choice of a sexual partner obtained from the fact that other men desire your wife.

Come Home With Us offers us a unique front seat in the mind of the cuckolded man. In what feels to be a semi-autobiographic tale—although the disclaimer at the beginning assures us that all characters are fictitious—the narrator tells us about the new direction their marriage took when he and his wife agree to invite another man into their bed. Not for threesomes, but for her.

Our first-person narrator Rob, which happens to be the (pseudo)name of the author, loves his wife to death. And she loves him equally. There’s only one problem: he absolutely sucks in bed. And being a sexy, passionate and insatiable woman in her mid-thirties, Tina needs more than a limp noodle to satisfy her.

Enter Steve, Tina’s hunky co-worker, whose only function in this tale was supposed to be satisfying Tina while Rob got to do the one thing that manages to get him aroused enough to fuck his wife: watch his wife get fucked.

But then that aforementioned psychology rears its complicated head, and people stop behaving like they were supposed to, as feelings, desires and pride are thrown into the mix. Rob and Tina’s relationship changes dramatically, but for better or worse still remains to be seen.

Hot at times, but mostly fascinating and entertaining. Sometimes in diary mode, in other places fast-paced and immersive, this first book in what promises to be an interesting series will put you inside Rob’s head. You’ll see his wife through his eyes, feel his internal struggle, maybe even taste the things his wife makes him taste, against his will…or then again, maybe not. Pick it up at Amazon and find out for yourself.

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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