19 April 2016

Larks Library | a review of The Haircut

Lark LaTroy, author of genre-defying fiction in which he blends elements of magic, horror, paranormal, fantasy, romance and adult passions in a word play of hardcore plots, has read and reviewed my book The Haircut.

A few excerpts:

“When it comes to the sex though, Lusty really shines. This is no poorly written attempt at a story only slightly above porn. Lusty uses just the right words in the right order to help the reader feel the passion. It is delightful to read a sex scene, and not be bombarded with vulgar language, and the same old descriptions of body parts. This story does not dwell deeply on the act of sex, but instead, focuses on the tension leading up to the act, and the sensations of the characters involved. It is uncommon to read, refreshing when it is found and done right. This story does it right.”

These words actually gave me butterflies. I’m sure I was blushing while reading them. But he goes on:

“I strongly recommend this story to any connoisseur of the erotic and magical. If you want to read a cute, red hot story that makes the Succubus and entertaining creature, pick up a copy of ‘The Hair Cut'” [sic]

If you hadn’t found a reason to read The Haircut yet, I can’t imagine a review like this will leave you indifferent :p


You can read Lark’s full review here:

Source: Lark’s Library | The Haircut By Lusty Soul A review

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